Skanska Rakennuskone Oy’s Customer Register Privacy Policy


Skanska Rakennuskone Oy’s customer register


Skanska Rakennuskone Oy (”Skanska”)
Hirvitie 5

Register’s contact person

Risto Makkonen
Hirvitie 5, 01900 NURMIJÄRVI

Description of processing operations

Data in the register is collected to enable management of the data of potential customers or existing rental customers for marketing purposes, and for the fulfilment of contractual obligations.

Purposes of processing and its legal basis

The controller uses the information contained in the customer register:

  • To fulfill Skanska’s contractual obligations
  • To serve Skanska’s legitimate interests
  • To attend to Skanska’s legal obligations
  • On the basis of the data subject’s consent

Legitimate interest

The processing of data in the register is based on Skanska’s legitimate interest in marketing its products and developing its services for the following processing operations:

  • Collecting customer feedback
  • Customer relationship management and the related marketing


Processing of data in the register is based on separate consent for the following processing operations:

  • Delivery of electronic marketing material (marketing customers)
  • Credit checks

Sources of personal data

Data is mainly collected from the data subjects themselves, but also from the contractor’s representative via contracts/assignments between companies.

The collection of customer data is necessary to the fulfilment of Skanska’s contractual obligations. Providing information that is collected for marketing purposes and customer feedback is not mandatory for the data subject.

Groups of data subjects

  • Potential customers
  • Current customers (with a valid rental contract)

Categories of personal data

Skanska stores the following personal data about the data subject:

  • Last name and first name
  • Personal identification number (*From private customers) / Business ID (*Companies and business names)
  • Contact information
  • Credit reference
  • Customer history

Recipients or groups of recipients of personal data

We abide by laws, regulations and advice from the authorities in the transfer and disclosure of data. Data is transferred to third parties for the purpose of measuring customer satisfaction and conducting marketing activities. Data transfer, disclosures, and processing have been agreed on in the appropriate contracts.

International transfers and disclosure of personal data

Personal data is regularly transferred outside the EU and EEA for processing:

  • To India for maintaining the equipment rental system’s technical platform. Data transfer is based on a contract with the service provider.

Rights of the data subject

Data subjects have the following rights:

  • To know that their data is being collected and processed, as well as the purpose of that data
  • To know what data has been collected about them and how long it will be stored
  • To have any incorrect data corrected
  • To have their data erased if they so wish, i.e. the right to be forgotten if there is no basis for processing personal data
  • To restrict the processing of their data for specific purposes
  • To transfer data from one register to another, as applicable
  • To be informed of a data breach against the controller, if this poses a high risk to their rights and freedoms
  • To claim compensation for any damage caused to them by a data breach
  • To bring a complaint about the processing of personal data for review by data protection authorities

If you have any questions about how we process your personal data, or would like information and the contact information of the person responsible for data protection, or would like to exercise your rights, please contact

Data security

The register is IT-based. Physical material is stored in a locked space and protected by access control.

Data stored in electronic form is protected by firewalls, usernames, passwords and other technical security measures.

Data access rights are defined and limited. The destruction of data is handled appropriately and carefully.

Retention periods for personal data

Skanska retains personal data in accordance with the law.

The data will only be stored for as long as necessary, or specified for the processing purposes identified in the Privacy Policy. In principle, data is stored for as long as the rental contract is valid. Data needed to send marketing messages is stored for as long as the registered person maintains a subscription to the newsletter or other electronic direct marketing. Customer feedback is stored in identifiable format for as long as necessary in any individual case. The retention period for individual feedback is determined by the potential follow-up and type of feedback. Personal data will be deleted when it is no longer necessary.